take flight (hoaegi) wrote,
take flight

[kai/sehun] turbulence

nc-17, 1,500w
pwp on a plane.

sehun doesn't know how long he's been on the plane, how far they're away from italy or incheon, how annoyingly cold the breeze from the air conditioning is, and how sore his legs are from not moving.

at least he tries to ignore the last one.

he's seated in the middle of two people in the row beside the windows. on his left, junmyeon is snoring quietly in his aisle seat, head buried in one of the noisy plastic cushions provided by the airline. on his right, jongin is dozing off slowly, head settling on the headrest behind, face close to sehun's shoulder. one of his earphones fall out of his ear and sehun can hear what jongin's listening to.

in front, the other members may just all be sleeping due to the sleep deprivation accumulated day by day, nights of sleepless chatter and mundane practice. yes, sehun should sleep.

but no matter how many times he closes his eyes and attempts to count sheep jumping over fences he can't—his long legs are trapped too uncomfortably in the small space in front and jongin's steady breathing is too loud in his ears.

sehun shifts his legs, trying to find a better position while scrolling through movie titles on the screen in front.

jongin lets out a soft groan when sehun's knee bumps into his own. "what are you doing—" he yawns, "—sehun-ah." he yanks the buds away from his ears and stretches (as much as he can, limited space). "ah i'm—looking for a film to watch. and sorry for waking you."

jongin stares sleepily at sehun for a moment then shakes his head. "it's fine, you know how i get when i sleep too much anyway." sehun chuckles softly. jongin rests his head on sehun's shoulder slowly and sighs.

"long plane rides are so boring. why can't we do more things on here, something that isn't screaming about my how much my legs hurt or watching lame as fuck movies or disturbing the air stewardesses?" jongin asks rhetorically, long fingers trailing the expanse of skin above sehun's shirt collar.

"maybe you could," sehun pauses to shiver at jongin's hot breath near his ear, "go suggest they include more things inboard," jongin chuckles, a faint pleasant sound to sehun's ears.

"oh no, there's no need," jongin whispers, fingers hovering painfully close to sehun's jeans fly. "i have you, don't i?"

sehun gulps and tries to ignore the erratic beats of his heart as jongin slowly undoes sehun's belt buckle and he's this much thankful junmyeon is such a deep sleeper. he stirs in slumber, muttering a string of incoherent words, creases his brows and snores again. jongin's fingers are curled up against sehun's cock, the rough skin of his hand making sehun's grip on the armrest tighter and his legs rigid.

it takes everything in sehun not to react. his breaths are quick and jongin's hand is moving slowly, lazily, a smug grin on his sleepy face. "jongin, can you n—" jongin squeezes his cock harshly, cutting his words off. "—not, faster," sehun half-moans, half, because the rest of the exo members are half a meter away from them and junmyeon is sleeping beside them.

jongin doesn't, and it really doesn't come off as a surprise for sehun. jongin is never one to listen obediently, no.

sehun is this close to finishing and his eyes are dilated, a muffled whimper from his lips and jongin pulls away, hand reaching for the packet of tissues he'd stuffed in his backpack before the flight right after he zips sehun's jeans up.

"what," sehun splutters, not entirely polite.

"your jeans, maknae, jeans. you can't dirty them."

sehun stares at jongin incredulously with a face like wow jongin are you really leaving me hard as fuck on an airplane thirty three thousand feet above sea level. jongin returns the glare with a smirk (like he usually does) and pulls sehun to his feet.

sehun hisses, the rough material of his jeans refusing to budge around his cock.

they make their way to a seemingly empty washroom (washroom, room, really. it's just a toilet cubicle with a mirror and a sink and all that fancy shit.) and jongin sits sehun down on the toilet seat.

"what," sehun says again, caught up with the sexual frustration and that jongin wasn't uttering one word about what they're going to do in this cramped as fuck cubicle with the spoilt lock and—oh yeah the spoilt lock.

jongin shoves the trash bin towards the door in attempt to make it not open and undoes sehun's jeans again, this time roughly pulling it off and tossing it on beside the trash bin.

he quickly strokes sehun's cock, free from the jeans and promptly begins to suck. sehun bucks into jongin's mouth, choking on saliva from the sudden move and he struggles to keep his eyes open, eyelashes fluttering and he sees jongin, eyes wide with unspoken intentions, staring right into his own.

"fuck," sehun moans, jongin's tonguing the slit of his cock and sehun is close, this close, and he uses a hand to reach down and grab the back of jongin's neck, and—"fuck," sehun's head is reeling, really, the back of jongin's throat is feeling amazing against the tip of his cock and jongin whimpers. sehun comes.

the reflection of himself in the full-length mirror is a blur as he tries to blink the sweat away from his eyes. jongin looks dishevelled, unravelled, even, full plump lips red and hair wet, sticking to his forehead. sehun pulls him up and lets jongin move him—shove him towards the cold mirror and kiss the daylights out of him, his own fingers deftly undoing jongin's pants and throwing them to the side.

this isn’t the first time they're doing this, but they're on a plane, and the plane is high up in the sky. so sehun is pretty excited.

jongin is careful not to leave any marks on sehun because they're still working now, anyway, en-route to work, and the last thing they want is to let the world know they fucked on a plane.

jongin shakily takes the hand sanitizer from beside the basin and coats his fingers with it. sehun's nose wrinkle at the smell. "this smells like shit, jongin-ah." jongin snorts. "so does your ass."

jongin pries sehun's ass cheeks apart and quickly shoves a finger up, watching sehun's face scrunch up in pain and hissing. "fuck you—fuck that hurts—" jongin slowly fingers sehun while capturing sehun's lips with his own, tongues tangled furiously and sehun's fingernails dig painfully into jongin's back—jongin jabs his fingers back in harder and watches sehun squirm.

"jongin-ah," sehun moans, eyes screwed shut and neck sweaty. jongin swallows hard before shifting sehun so they're pressed up against the basin, sehun's abdomen taut against the basin, jongin's chest pressing close to sehun's back.

jongin eases his cock in and covers sehun's mouth—"you can't, we're—" sehun whimpers against his palm—"on a plane, you can't," jongin thrusts shallowly, pulling and pushing and sehun is long gone, a writhing mess in jongin's arms moaning for more.

"harder," sehun purrs, lips parted to breathe as jongin pushes in harder, leaving soft kisses along sehun's nape, and sehun turns to look at the large mirror beside them. he widens his eyes at the sight and flushes red.

"look at you taking my cock up your ass like the good little slut you are," jongin breathes, thrusts in a little too forceful to emphasize the point and sehun can feel his cock get even harder (is that even possible) at the erotic reflection.

"hell," sehun wheezes, bucking his hips in hope of more contact but there's nothing but air, and when he reaches for his cock jongin's hand slaps his own away and begins to stroke it fast.

did sehun also mention that jongin's rough palm feels very good against his cock?

sehun comes again, thrashing in jongin's hold and he hears jongin moan, then finishing inside of him. jongin flips sehun around to kiss him again, kiss him silly, kiss until their lips are blood-red and swollen and everything else they don't want people to know.

jongin cleans them up, smoothes the material of his shirt and then pulls sehun out of the cubicle.

junmyeon flashes a questioning look at the both of them when sehun hisses the moment he sits down and jongin chuckles darkly.

"sehun-ah, do you have hand sanitizer?" chanyeol asks from the row in front. "i want to put on some bb cream before i nap and the washroom is out of water. and hand sanitizer," he sighs.

"the washroom is out of water?" junmyeon questions casually. chanyeol nods. sehun flushes a deep red before telling chanyeol no and reclining in his seat.

junmyeon clicks his tongue. "without that detail everyone already knew what you two were up to, anyway." he says helpfully.

jongin pretends to sleep again.

a/n: .............................i am speechless. alternatively titled we are a mile high and fucking tell me i'm the best thing you ever had. this turned out a wreck but i wanted it out of my head anyway. idea spurred from exo's prompt generator (google it it exists) with the prompt "long plane rides" tmajority of the blame goes to nighttimefalls because she replied "mile high club fic please". and supermassive black hole for being with me every night. and the rest to my t-list who won't stop stuffing ideas in my head.
also, due to a promise to self: this is the last rated fic you're getting from me in a bit.

p/s: do check out sekaific if you haven't! \o/
Tags: *fic, f: exo, p: kai/sehun, r: nc-17, w: 1000~3000
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