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[kai/sehun] pretenses

sehun/kai, minor sehun/luhan + bff taemin/kai.
g, 1,000w
jongin pretends he doesn't care and sehun pretends he doesn't know.

jongin pretends he doesn't care. who is he to, anyway?

it doesn’t matter, it shouldn't matter that sehun drapes himself all over luhan like a veil, a disgusting one, it shouldn’t matter that sehun and luhan went to the toilet together on the plane back to korea (why would two guys go to the toilet together what do you do in there huh), no, it really shouldn’t.

but jongin pounces on the couch the moment they get home, claiming the piece of furniture his with his legs stretched out, eyes burning holes into whoever coming his way. kyungsoo throws a bottle of cold water at jongin and goes to their room. when sehun comes out of the shower with water still dripping from his hair ends, he tries to fit his butt into a small space beside jongin's legs.

the next morning baekhyun exclaims that sehun has a large bruise on his hip. jongin says nothing.

it shouldn’t matter, but why does it? jongin vaguely remembers hazy nights and alcohol, on the rooftop of their dorm, dancing till dawn, until everyone drops to the floor asleep, and sehun's glass is filled, emptied and refilled.

("we're best friends forever, right jongin?")

really, it had just been a kiss on a rooftop (eighteen seconds, if jongin remembers correctly), under the influence of bitter beer and hormones. besides, when sehun woke up, he remembered nothing anyway. jongin doesn’t bring the incident up even once, but during one of those nights when all the members gather to watch a film (rented dvds) in K's dorm, jongin sees luhan snuggled up against sehun's chest and watching not the film, but each other's faces, and there's an unexplainable fury in his chest.

he turns his attention back to the tv, eyes boring holes into the flatscreen.

i kissed him first.

when their manager tells them about the collaboration stage with tts in smtown taiwan, jongin is surprised because he's not in the lineup—kai is not in the lineup. that's a first. and of course, sehun is in, and yes, luhan is in too. jongin keeps the i'm surprised mask on because that seems to look better than a disappointed one.

the door opens with a soft click and jongin can hear the sounds of shoes shuffling (chanyeol probably stuffed his pair on the highest rack of their shoe rack because there's a loud tumbling sound and that's probably baekhyun shouting at him for not placing his shoes properly and messing up everything.) and he scoffs a little because this scene is too common—it happens almost every night after their schedules but then there are four people strolling in through the door and junmyeon-hyung is over at some senior's dorm for dinner and jongin's home alone and when sehun throws a glance at jongin he feels too out of place.

kyungsoo locks the door and walks in last. sehun finishes his i am glaring at you act at jongin and pads to the kitchen. jongin avoids kyungsoo's eyes but kyungsoo alternates his stare between sehun's back and jongin, looking like he's the only sane person in an insane room.

this should be really predictable because sehun talks to jongin about luhan with almost stars in his eyes and he looks really happy talking about practicing with luhan-hyung, how luhan-hyung's pronunciation sounds even better than tiffany's (—maybe not, jongin had said with a roll of his eyes) and there is the anger in jongin again. he roughly shoves sehun off the couch and tells him to go to sleep.

the stars in sehun's eyes fade away for the night.

"jongin-ah!" taemin calls from a few feet in front of him. jongin is sweaty and warm and he silently thanks the hairstyling noona for combing all his hair back because it's really hot and taemin tosses him a water bottle when jongin gets nearer.

he smiles a little in response and taemin slings an arm around his neck. "isn't this fun? we're all together, performing like a family." he grins and jongin sees the little lines beside his eyes. he nods.

"do you remember when we were trainees we said we'd perform together one day, even if we debuted in different times? remember how you said you'd do a pole dance on stage or something—" taemin laughs loud before finishing and jongin remembers, a little, and chuckles along.

jongin grins and shakes his head. "you must've been waiting for some time huh, hyung, to remember what i promised so clearly…" he places his hands on taemin's shoulders and lean in close, chuckling. "can you be a pole for a minute, hyung, i need to dance," he whispers. taemin guffaws then, letting jongin sway his body a bit and from the corner of his eye he sees sehun glaring at jongin's back.

"hey, did you make sehun angry or something? he keeps staring at you," taemin coos. jongin doesn’t turn back. "he'll be fine."

taemin dashes away two seconds later to find his hyungs for the closing. sehun is five steps and a universe away from him. what ever happened to best friends?

they head straight back to korea in their smtown t-shirts. they barely have time to stop and rest at the airport before departure and when they finally do sehun pulls jongin to a corner and glares at jongin hard.

"do you like taemin-hyung?"

jongin snorts, crosses his arms and shakes his head firmly.

"then you were like two centimeters away from his face arms around his neck what were you doing," sehun frowns.

"i made him a promise when we were trainees."

"promise to what? pretend he's a pole and dance around him?"

"yes," jongin hisses, walking towards sehun until sehun's back is against the cold wall. "have you ever kissed luhan-hyung?"

sehun's eyes widen but he shakes his head. "no."

jongin huffs and puts his hands on sehun's shoulders, then leans in dangerously close. "i did this to taemin-hyung." he says. sehun stops squirming. "were you jealous? hyung said you were staring at me." sehun tenses his shoulders under his palms.

sehun is about to glare at him again but jongin scoffs and presses his lips to sehun's gently.

"i like you, idiot."

sehun looks down for a bit and blinks at jongin. "i haven't kissed luhan-hyung but i kissed you, jongin."

jongin probably heard that wrong, right? he doesn't remember, he said it himself the day right after the party—"you."

"you remember," jongin states flatly. sehun nods.

jongin leans in again.

it doesn’t come off as a surprise that sehun and jongin walks to the departure hall with their hair in messy angles and crinkled shirts. sehun fakes smiles to the people around and jongin clicks his tongue. "aren't you good at pretending."

"i could say the same," sehun grins and walks away.

a/n: major word vomit. i was feelings all the depress-y feelings recently and i needed to clear my head. also, i've been itching to write jealousy fic for the longest time now. jfc i cannot start and i cannot end!!!!!
spurred by the lack of unrated things in this ship c r y i n g

on a brighter side this sekai is unrated are you all proud of me!!!! :')))
partially dedicated to mimi because she is da best
Tags: *fic, f: exo, p: kai/sehun, p: sehun/lu han, r: g, w: 1000~3000
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