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masterlist + self-introduction

updated 08/06/2015



[i] shinee;


1. forbidden perfection
onew/key | pg | 1,500w
wrong has never felt so right, and they think it’s right to fall into wrong.

2. because of you
jonghyun/onew | pg | 1,000w
jonghyun leaves home due to loneliness, jinki cries himself to sleep, realizing he doesn’t shine enough for him.

3. beside my garden
taemin/minho | pg-13 | 2,500w
taemin’s a new kid on the block, minho’s a stubborn teenager who smokes because his parents say not to; taemin is a determined dancer that lights up the whole apartment, and minho is an annoying neighbor who makes taemin believe in love, beside his mini-garden.

4. drowning in blue
jonghyun/onew | pg | 1,000w
it hurts for jonghyun to acknowledge that player kibum wasn’t the 'one' he was looking for after twenty years of his pathetic life (or so he thinks), and jinki comes along as his best friend, and hints are taken into consideration, jonghyun solves the puzzle and kibum is forgotten forever.

5. into the new world
taemin/minho | g | 1,000w
he’s seventeen; he feels wrong on the exterior, feels home inside; he doesn’t remember who he is, what happened but then this boy comes along and says his name, and he feels as if he’s suffocating because that’s what his heart is saying, and that is what happening to him.

6. fate
jonghyun/key | g | 500w
he takes a step onto the old abandoned stage, positions himself under the antique dull focus of the spotlight, unaware of the silent audience as he began to inhale, then moves his body as a response towards the slow beat of the ballad.

7. sweet victories
taemin/minho | g | 1,000w
in which Taemin hates smoke and minho loses sweetly.

8. prism
taemin/minho | g | 1,000w
when a light ray passes through a prism, the seven colors of the rainbow form.

9. age
taemin/minho | g | 2,500w
time never seems to pass when he’s without minho.

10. because
taemin/minho | g | 1,000w
taemin writes down reasons why he loves minho as he’s starting to lose faith in him.

11. miss taemin
taemin/minho | g | 1,000w
taemin is late for her beauty pageant contest. (+ sequel)

12. i’d catch a grenade for ya
key-centric/ key/jonghyun | pg | 1,500w
kibum has the biggest crush on this senior who looks like jack frost and nobody knows who jack frost is, except for the jack frost himself.


1. of jealous girls and mindless murders (locked) | w/ taintedlovee_x
jonghyun/key, taemin/minho | pg-13
kim gwiboon is a cheerleader who hates her teammate, jessica, but the volcano erupts when jessica starts going out with her best friend, kim jonghyun— and she plans to get her man back with her (unhelpful) help from taemin, minho and jinki.
i . ii . iii . iv

2. hello, baby (stopped)
taemin/minho, onew/key, jonghyun/oc | pg
taemin adapts to his new lifestyle in a new year of high school.
i . ii . iii


[ii] infinite;

1. [locked] acceptance is an alien
myungsoo/sungjong | pg | 2,000w
sungjong spends a few months in space, searching for myungsoo’s.

2. [locked] do you know what day it is today
sungjong-centric, myungsoo/sungjong | g | 1,000w
in which sungjong grows a year older.

3. black and white
myungsoo/sungjong | pg | 4,500w
it’s the contrasting things that make us more starkly astounding.


[iii] exo;

1. kites
sehun/luhan | g | 4,500w
for when the wind blows, there will be nothing left except the fleeting memories that will constantly remind you what you had was real.

2. the games we play
kris/lay | pg-13 | 4,000w
yixing blames his long hangover on drinks and this random guy he meets.

3. [locked] traits and whatnot
suho/kai | nc-17 | 1,500w
there are only so many things joonmyun takes pride in.

4. we’re on a sugar high, baby
kai/sehun | nc-17 | 4,100w
sehun falls in love too easily, has an asshole as a best friend and likes sugar.

5. turbulence
kai/sehun | nc-17 | 1,500w

6. [locked] pretenses
kai/sehun, sehun/luhan | g | 1,000w
jongin pretends he doesn’t care and sehun pretends he doesn’t know.

7. [locked] and the skies are so high (like us)
no pairing | g | 1,000w
in which no one likes being a god, except jongin. and maybe kris. (greek myth!au)

8. when the pros of losing outweigh the cons
kai/sehun | mild r | 7,000w
jongin and sehun makes a bet, and jongin finds out that losing isn’t any worse than winning.

9. [locked] the sun goes down
kai/sehun | nc-17 | 1,000w

10. in a heartbeat
baekhyun/tao | g | 4,000w
baekhyun’s new roommate intimidates him, so they don't talk—until he finds his roommate’s drawer full of post-its.


[iv] bts;

1. blow my heart up | @AO3
yoongi/jimin | nc-17 | 6,000w
yoongi really likes the look in jimin’s eyes when he’s getting told off for making mistakes.


[v] anime/manga;

kuroko no basuke (the basketball which kuroko plays):

1. untitled
kuroko-centric, mild kuroko/aomine | g | 1,000w
what if the rain washed away what we were?

2. 如果的事 (if) | @AO3
kise/kuroko | mild r | 3,000w
People fall in love in many different manners. Love feels like many different things to many people, but Kise Ryouta thinks there’s nothing that quite beats the feeling of being in love with Kuroko Tetsuya.

3. you’re the moon when earth shatters | @AO3
midorima/takao | g | 5,500w
takao falls in love in between fleeting dreams and meeting different versions of himself, but when he wakes up, he finds that he’s in love with midorima even more. (tl;dr: au where takao can travel through parallel universes.)

4. tossing rocks at your window | @AO3
kise/kuroko, mild aomine/kagami | pg-13 | 8,000w
Here in Akashi Corporation, filled with daily despair and stress of being one of Japan’s leading broadcasting companies, led by the Akashi family heir Akashi Seijuro, is where Kise Ryouta works. He’s mainly in charge of shows of genres he likes (after much bribery in the forms of many rounds of beer and treating Akashi to dinner), and is currently overseeing a culinary show on desserts. All changes when a short boy by the name of Kuroko Tetsuya joins the company.

akatsuki no yona (yona - the girl standing at the blush of dawn):

1. sugar, lie to me | @AO3
kija/jae ha | g | 1,500w
Kija should really start being careful of what he drinks (or: it seems like Yoon will never be able to find out what exactly is in the Hakuryuu scale).


[vi] fic events;

— 2010:

shinee secret santa
1. oh, my love (don't lie, lie) for yeminki
onew/key | pg | 2,500w
onew always thought he and kibum had an unique meeting.

— 2011:

infinite secret santa
1. vanilla for suimin_jikan
myungsoo/sungyeol | nc-17 | 6,500w
sungyeol learns too much things from what a teacher can teach.

— 2012:

infinite secret santa:

1. implications, and how you handle them for yaoiokami
hoya/sunggyu | pg | 7,000w
sunggyu doesn’t want to be labelled a shallow kid of a chaebol family. he ends up with a part-time job, and ends up with an unhealthy dose of being in love.

exo secret santa:
1. breathe with me (the world was made for two) for ribbonsong
kai/sehun | nc-17 | 15,000w
jongin is jongin, but jongin is also kai. when sehun joins them, jongin is sure sehun is also breaking down the walls to his heart—slowly, but surely. sehun, though, is nowhere better than that. (hackers!au)
warnings: character death.

— 2013:


1. lace up your shoes (here’s how we do)
sungyeol/sungjong | pg-13 | 5,000w
sungyeol has always been like a bad mix of drinks, so tempting yet dangerous and piques sungjong’s interest to no end.

1. charm me (but don’t play tricks on me) for natsudive
chanyeol/kyungsoo | nc-17 | 20,500w
Kyungsoo really regrets noticing Chanyeol the other day at the lounge, because he finds that he can’t take his eyes off Chanyeol and his chestnut-colored hair. Would his hair be as soft as how he imagines it to be? Kyungsoo may never know. Or will he? (Not-so-HS!AU)
warnings: possible dub-con/non-consent sex.

1. iced americanos (and an extra shot of you) for feixing
sehun/lu han | pg-13 | 8,000w
In which the subway can bring you anywhere you want. Lu Han is in pursuit of inspiration, Oh Sehun is a whirlwind of colors that paint a painting beyond inspiring and Lu Han eventually gets lost in his own feelings – which was out of the itinerary he was promised.

— 2014:


1. once upon a dream
baekhyun/tao | g | 6,500w
A fantastic idea hits famous manhwa author Byun Baekhyun, right after the completion of his latest popular series. While brainstorming, he drifts off to sleep... and wakes up in his own story?


[vii] others;

fic requests:
1. christmas requests
pairings galore | g to nc-17

2. a compilation of ask.fm requests
pairings galore | g to nc-17
parts: one / two / three

3. ask.fm fill
sehun/kai | nc-17

1. hoaegi's mega WIP dump
pairings galore | g to nc-17
parts: one / two / three / four / five

2. hoaegi's mega fic rec (outdated)
pairings galore | g to nc-17



[i] love live!;
1. ll!sif icons set one / two / three / four



hello! my name is shu and i hail from the sunny island of singapore. i am 19 years old, and have been reading fic ever since i was 13, and writing from 14. i am involved in many fandoms but i only write for a few.

my lj username, hoaegi, is a nickname of hoya from the k-pop group infinite, which literally means "ho-baby".

i appreciate every comment and kudo (on AO3) i receive and am very thankful for the positive feedback on my writing. i’m always in need of ideas, so if you have anything you would like me to attempt writing, please drop said prompts/bunnies into my ask.fm inbox.

if you’re not familiar with the workings of livejournal, and would like to talk to me/befriend me/get to know me better, i am always contactable on twitter (@jeonjunggooks, preferred) or tumblr (parkjimnis).

thank you for stumbling/scrolling through this and for being interested enough to check this post out!

♥, shu.
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